We are Jigawatt


Jigawatt originally formed in 2000 after the Y2k scare. Luckily the original foursome came away from that event unscathed and ready to play. After touring their local circuit for 3 years and honing their skills they decided to take a break and go off on their own. 15 years later the band came back together with keyboardist Brian Rose to bring a blend of rock, funk, and energy that any fan of live music can appreciate.


Guitar / Sam Weisman

Keyboard / Brian Rose

Bass / Kevin Morel

Guitar / Jason Linaberry

Drums / Michael Allen



JigawatT Live


Hibernian, Oswego - 3/16 - 7pm

WestCott Theatre, Syracuse - 3/30 8pm

Old City Hall, Oswego - 4/27 7pm

Private Party, Lafayette - 5/4 7pm

Community Days - 6/1 5pm

Westcott Theatre, Syracuse - 6/27 8pm

Old City Hall, Oswego - 7/27 9pm

Funk n’ Waffles, Syracuse - 8/31 8pm


Jigawatt Live